At Keiser University, most students live on campus for a year or more because of all the great benefits. Living on campus is about learning to be independent, getting along with others, and making friends.

Stauffer Hall is a place full of opportunities to learn life skills and receive an education beyond the classroom. It is a place of ideas where your world will get bigger, it is the college life.

Office of Student Living Vision & Mission:

  • Vision: The Office of Student Living (SL) at Keiser University seeks to model an environment committed to life-long learning while exercising accountability, compassion, and respect for all persons, and facilities.
  • Mission: SL's mission is to provide a safe and comfortable living-learning community that is conducive to the academic, intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth of its residents. SL seeks to enhance student development by providing learning opportunities that will promote academic enrichment, foster social integration, and encourage peer interaction.  

For More info or questions regarding Student Living, please contact the Director of Student Living at (561-681-7958) or email