Feeling nervous about sending a loved one off to college? You're not alone. The family and friends of our more than 1000 residents have shared these exact feelings at one time or another. At Keiser University, we understand that sending your student off to college – especially for the first time – can fill parents with both joy and dread. That’s why we’ve created a section specifically for parents, aimed at addressing your concerns and keeping you informed about what's happening in the KU residential community.

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Safety & Security
  • Community Effort:
    Safety and security is a shared responsibility between the university and the student. While we have taken many measures to ensure the safety of the students living in the residence halls, we also expect students to take steps and actions in protecting the safety of themselves and their community. 
  • Emergency Communications:
    KU Alerts are the emergency alerts uses to communicate about campus closures, extreme weather and other emergencies in real-time. Texts are received on mobile devices and notices are available on the Web, via email and on the campus info telephone line. Residents are automatically signed up when they become students.
  • Fire Safety:
    In addition to prohibiting items from the residence halls that are considered a fire hazard, each hall conducts a fire drill each semester. All residence halls are also equipped with smoke detectors as well as fire suppression systems.
  • Police and Community Safety:
    West Palm Beach Police Department (PBC) creates a strong presence on the campus as well as surrounding areas. They are on campus Thursday through Sunday night. The Keiser’s safety team (G4S) responds directly to any emergencies in residence halls and other campus buildings.
  • Staff Preparedness:
    Hall staff, including Community Ambassadors (CAs) receive emergency training at the beginning of the school year on emergency procedures, mandatory reporting and crisis response. Each hall has a full time live-in Resident Manager, a Master’s level professional with student development experience.
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  • Meal Plans
  • Renter's Insurance
    KU students and families are eligible for discounted rates on personal property insurance through our partnership with NSSI Renter’s Insurance. We encourage all students and families to buy this optional coverage to protect their personal belongings while living in our residence halls. KU is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen while students are residing on campus. We encourage students not to bring items to campus of great material value. Students and families can purchase their renter’s insurance policy online here: https://www.nssi.com/portal/keiseruniversity